Graduate non-members

This is a list of graduates of the school who are no longer school members.

Not being members means the school has no regular contact with the teacher.

These teachers passed the exacting standards of the Vajrasati Teacher Training Course at at the time of graduation where known to be of the high calibre to be awarded the well respected Vajrasati 500 certificate.

The teachers below no longer hold current membership to the school for various reasons but none of them because of any known problem with their ability to teach yoga.

Vajrasati Yoga can not vouch for or against for these teachers as they are presently teaching, simply on the grounds that the school has no regular contact with them through CPD days etc. but knows of no problem with their teaching that it has become aware of.

The teachers on the list therefore are not under the wing of the school at present.

Tabitha Tarran (Samuelson)*membership expired*

Leitham Greene *membership expired*

  • Began training Autumn 2001
  • Graduated April 2004
  • (not currently teaching)  

Tracey-Clare Winning*membership expired*

Amber Ward *membership expired*

Karunajala (Graham Youngs) *membership expired*

Becca Card *membership expired*

Charlotte Watts *membership expired*

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