Moyra Scott - 500 hour certificate

Moyra seeks to be engaged, curious, vibrant and brave in her yoga practice and her teaching.  She believes in continuous never ending learning and that we all need to feel free to feel truly alive.

As a teacher she seeks to give her classes the time and space to reconnect with themselves and find joy in the present moment.  She wholeheartedly belives that yoga is the safest and best way to stretch and strengthen your body, especially as the body ages.

Moyra began practising yoga in 1990, and has practised a wide variety of styles of yoga since that time.  Her main influences have been Sivananda, Iyengar and Scaravelli inspired yoga combined with a Buddhist meditation practice , so is very at home with Vajrasati Yoga which ,to her, picks out the best of all of these things. 



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On resistance in practice…
‘In asana practice we may find an obvious resistance such as a strong stretch in a muscle. We can choose to ignore the sensation, usually resulting in totally the opposite result and an almost compulsive fixation with the sensation. Or we can chose to move ourselves into the sensation and work with it which ironically allows us to release from the sensation and let it go.’

— Khadine Morcom