Nicoleta Carpineanu - 500 hour certificate

After coming to England in 1998, Nicoleta started practising yoga and meditation. Her relationship with yoga has intensified over the years, becoming an integral part of her life.

While travelling in India, Nico complemented her knowledge with an intensive one month yoga/meditation course. This experience enabled her to realize for herself the important relationship between body, mind and spirit. Keen to build on this, Nicoleta felt inspired to continue learning and practising yoga/meditation for two years in London and Brighton before she started attending Jim Tarran’s classes in 2004.

Nico enrolled on the Vajrasati teacher training course in 2006, and feels it contributes a great deal to her continuing journey as a yogi/yoga teacher.

Nicoleta is also a Romanian language teacher/translator and promotes Romanian culture in UK. She also runs the Life Skills Project in Brighton

She holds her full 500 hour Vajrasati teachers certificate.

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‘Unhappiness is not getting what we want: wanting it to be sunny when it’s cold, wet and rainy; people doing things that we don’t approve of having food that isn’t delicious and so on. Happiness is not the goal of life because it depends on so many things…

— The Venerable Ajhan Summedho