Nikki Fee - 500 hour certificate


Nicola started practicing yoga in 2000 due to extreme back pain ( having had a distectomy of L5).



2002 - British Wheel of Yoga foundation course

2008 - BA Hons - Wood, Metal, Ceramics & Plastics

2009 - 500 hr Vajrasati Yoga Teacher Training - Jim Tarran - the Buddhist Centre

2009 - Humanistic Yoga Course - Peter Blackaby


With a good solid grounding in Yoga with the BWY Nicola progressed on to complete the 500hr certificate with Jim Tarran. Jim's course gave Nicola great insight and understanding of traditional Yoga with a twist of Buddhism, and encouraged a deep and creative personal practice. After the birth of her first child Nicola enrolled on a Humanistic Yoga Course with Peter Blackaby and it is this Grounded approach that she is currently teaching.


She holds her full 500 hour Vajrasati teachers certificate.

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There is something formless yet complete
That existed before Heaven and Earth.
How still how empty!
Dependent on nothing unchanging,
All pervading, unfailing.
One may think of it as the Mother of all things under heaven.
I do not know it’s name but I call it “meaning.”
If I had to give it a name I should call it “The Great.”

— La-tzu