To give you energy to go back to work/school/uni


Yoga practice session
To give you energy to go back to work/school/uni
First find a clear quiet comfortable space make sure that you have got half an hour of uninterrupted time carved out for yourself.
You’ll need a yoga mat, a yoga belt (a dressing gown belt will do just as well)
And a yoga block (a neatly folded, firm blanket will suffice)


  1. With the yoga block (or blanket) beneath your head place your hands (palms down on your lower side ribs, with your elbows placed in a way that is comfortable for you on the floor.
  2.  Without creating any tension in the face or in the brain take a deep breath in that feels like it creates a satisfying (but not strained ) stretch across the front of the body.
  3. Let the exhale come out from every bit of yourself, letting go of all the little bumps and jumps life presents
  4.  Let the next few breaths be deep naturally, imagine that the body were an empty vessel for the breath to roll into and out of freely
  5. Continue until you start to feel a calming down/drawing in sensation - stay with it a while until you learn to recognise it with your whole body.
  6. Take it with you as you roll over and bring yourself up to a standing position
  7. Stand up straight and tall in Tadasana focus on lift of the inner body (skeletal), and release of the outer body (muscle/flesh/skin)
  8. Stand a while in Vrksasana
  9. Extend out fully and keep you chest open and pelvic floor stable in Trikonasana
  10. Then stretch out your upper body in Parsvakonsana  make sure to keep your belly toned and enjoy turning your heart towards the sky
  11.  Take a wide stride forward bend into Prasarita Padottanasana
  12. From there take a moments rest in the seated kneeling pose Vajrasana. If you experience discomfort in the ankle joints place a rolled up blanket under your front ankle bone (Talus) and if you are tight in the knees add a block or blanket between your buttocks and heels (of course you can combine them both)
  13. Lay on you back again and take your belt around one foot and raise it up perpendicular  to the floor for Supta Padangusthasana
  14. Finally whilst still lying on your back and removing any support from underneath your head and place your feet underneath your knees, play with raising the pelvis up whilst keeping the feet down. Look for ways to draw lower back muscle fibres into the stretch by moving the pelvis up and down, left and right, and tilting or bouncing the pelvis (the overall movement trend is up but that can involve all the movements listed, as ways to lengthen the lumbar (lower back) and to lightly draw inwards the pelvic floor (between the pubic bone and the tail bone)
  15.  Let your pelvis land and take some deep breaths to release into.
  16. Lift your feet off the floor and flex your hips to come into Jathara Parivartasana
  17. Let your back settle itself with the soles of your feet on the floor
  18. Stretch your legs out when ready position your arms by your side and settle down into Savasana


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