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Brighton Teacher Training Held at The Brighton Buddhist Centre

Next intakes 1st September 2017 and 4th May 2018 


Pay deposit £488 at the start of the course (then a monthly fee of £108 over 24 months).

The overall total over the two years (excluding finals fees) £3080 (£380 per term) with finals fees its £3,160

The students are asked to pay via bank transfer with reference 'teacher training' is prefered. It is the students’ responsibility to communicate very clearly what their needs are and if any alterations to the agreed fee and time of payment are required this should be discussed with the course tutors.  

It is the case that the fees are taken as above and declared as such. Therefore any changes not discussed or forgotten payments may result in Jim or other trainer paying tax on money that they haven’t earned. 

This cost includes; all paperwork/admin, actual teaching, tutorials with course tutor and with mentor (one of each per term)homework marking as well as other organisational matters regarding the course. 


The final assessment ‘ring of fire’ does require an extra fee that currently stands a £80 for the three extra assessments and feed back, the setting and marking of the written test and also includes the cost of printing of your final certificates. (which are very pretty!). 


There is also an annual members subscription, which covers general admin and is a necessary criteria of you maintaining your membership, it also subsidises large reductions on CPD workshops with your trainers. This is currently Free for your first year of training then £35 per annum payable each September starting after you have completed your first 200 hours of the course.

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You shouldn’t chase after the past or place expectations on the future.
What is past is left behind.
The future is as yet unreached.
Whatever quality is present you clearly see right there, right there.
Not taken in, unshaken, that’s how you develop the heart.
Ardently doing what should be done today, for — who knows? — tomorrow death.
There is no bargaining with Mortality & his mighty horde.
Whoever lives thus ardently, relentlessly both day & night, has truly had an auspicious day: so says the Peaceful Sage.

— The Buddha