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"Jim is one of those rare people who can start you on a path that you can take with you for the rest of your life"

Jason Hughs, Actor

"Jim is not an ordinary teacher. He is a man on a Yogi path, you can sense it in his way of being, talking, caring for us students. You can feel it in his silence and his child-like smile. Namaste Jim!"

Anka Zengteler, Co-Active coach

"The Yoga practice was amazing. Every time we walked up to the platform I fet a sense of uplift and energy. Jim is a wonderful teacher who shows patience, strength, kindness and passion in his teaching."

Maria, Architect, London

 "Jim's teaching is the simplest and most powerful I've ever come across; each class leaves me thinking 'how silly not to do this everyday.

Jim is the most genuine, light-hearted and profound teacher I've ever had the pleasure to meet.

He somehow talks directly to your muscle tissue, calling your whole Self into focus when you're not looking.
Things that have come up in class around attitude, approach and composure have also been really useful in my work as a cellist and computer programmer."

Alice Elridge, Musician, programmer UK
"Jim shines as the accesible, playful, knowledgable and caring teacher that he is."
Dr Rita Das -  MBBS, BSc(Hons), DFFP, DRCOG, MRCP, FCEM
"Thanks to your training which has given me the structure and confidence to put yoga at the heart of my life."
Heidi Dore - Jounalist, Shiatsu practitioner and Yoga Teacher
" I have an unshakable amount of faith in the Vajrasati way and you of course too Jim.  It makes sense to people they really get it and its so exciting when you see them getting it. I never dreamed I could be teaching my own class either and that's thanks to you, your inspiring teaching and support. Mega mega thanks Jim. You are a yoga super hero!"
Zoe Gallaghar - Yoga Teacher

"I've been doing yoga with Jim for years now, so a week with Yoga Explorers in Marrakech was a total treat from beginning to end. Jim's approach to yoga has a genuine sense of curiosity, exploration and progression, no matter what your level of experience. I reckon it's chicken soup for the soul, the body and the mind. Heaven. Counting the days till Italy!"

Mimi Spencer - author of the Fast Diet 5:2

"This time last year I was full of intrepidation, about to embark on an 11 week break from work and my life as I knew it, starting with your yoga retreat in Goa as an inflexible yoga novice! I was stressed, exhausted, low, desperate to make changes in my life, physically stiff and tense and far more emotionally shut off than I realised. I was questioning myself, my motives, wondering if I was just running away from the things here that I was unhappy with. Little did I know it would be one of the best things I have done in my life.

I learnt so much from your teachings. I didn’t realise how little I knew about the essence of yoga. I didn’t understand what yoga was or could be until I met you. I breathed properly for the first time in my life. I was introduced to the idea and feeling of pure consciousness. I learnt to start accepting myself. I felt my body open and expand, laughed, felt the warmth of your humanity. I started to learn to re-love myself, felt myself open to the possibility of love."

Claudia Taylor - London


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There is something formless yet complete
That existed before Heaven and Earth.
How still how empty!
Dependent on nothing unchanging,
All pervading, unfailing.
One may think of it as the Mother of all things under heaven.
I do not know it’s name but I call it “meaning.”
If I had to give it a name I should call it “The Great.”

— La-tzu