Dandasana / staff posture

* Sit with legs together and extended straight in front of you. (If hamstring muscles are tight and lower back feels compressed then sit on a block or neatly folded blanket.)
* Draw the flesh of the buttocks out and back behind you.

* Place your hands by your hips with the fingers pointing towards the toes.
* Draw the spine upright from the floor bringing the sacrum (back of pelvis) perpendicular to the floor as you do so.
* Allow the shoulders to descend as the spine ascends.
* Look evenly ahead keeping the breast bone and rib cage raised.

To deepen the lift in the spine

o Broaden extend the heel bones
o Suck in the outer hips
o Lift knees
o Draw top /front thigh bones down/hips in
o Lift from front groins to breast bone as drawing in and up lower belly flesh
o Suck in the front and back of the pelvis towards each other and lift up
o Pull up from front and back pelvic crest to chest
o Suck side ribs in, lift breast bone pulling in and up lumbar spine


Meditation isn’t an escape from the instinctual world, but an opening up to it; it’s a way of understanding the world, apart from the reactions of indulgence or suppression.

— Venerable Ajahn Summedho