Maricyasana (variation)

(name of a sage in Indian mythology)

  1. Roll onto your side and bend the leg that you are lying on to a right angle – make sure that you form a right angle both at the back of the knee and the meeting of the thigh and the trunk.
  2. Lift the trunk while keeping the legs in situ and turn from the lower spine up, letting the muscles be squeezed and turned as deeply as feeling will allow.
  3. Place forearms and wrists on floor with palms down like an Egyptian sphinx.
  4. Repeat for the other side.

Stay for 10 breaths.
FOCUS: Allow the mind to become immersed in the rich sensations around the spine.


on asteya (one of the five yamas)…
‘Any selfish act is acting without asteya, it is taking somehow, maybe taking someone else’s choice or freedom or opinion. It is about being aware not just of myself but of others, how do I interact with others (for instance not jumping in during a conversation, which I do too often).
There is an enormous aspect of letting go, especially for me, letting go of a need to control. It is basically trust.’

— Khadine Morcom