Lying with legs up the wall

  • Approaching the wall with the side of your pelvis first, swing your legs up the wall, supporting yourself with your arms.
  • Lay your back flat down on the floor or support your head, keeping the neck soft and the throat passive.
  • Stretch your arms over your head, placing the hands on the floor, cushion or other lift.
  • Relax but keep your legs together.
  • Let the lower back breathe and settle, especially at the sacrolumbar joint (pelvis/ lower back).
  • Once more, allow back brain to settle and temples to recede, until the eyes feel softer. Allow time for the breath to commune with the body.


‘When I say “extinguish yourself” or “throw yourself away” or “let yourself fall way” or ‘”kill yourself” this is the same as “live in a bigger way” or “become one with all things”‘

‘Dying the great death the reality of life appears’

— Harada Sekkei Roshi