Virabhadrasana 2 / Warrior pose 2

* Step your feet apart into a wide stride (approx 4 foot/1.2 metres, depending on height).
* Extend your arms away from your chest with palms down.
* Turn your left toes in (towards midline) and right foot and leg out (away from midline).

* Keep evenly balance on the centre of both heel bones.
* Stretch into your back (left) leg, countering any oscillation on the heel by keeping the outer shin firm lift the back arch.
* Extend the right groin, shorten the outer thigh towards the buttock, and bend the right knee to a right angle. Do not lunge. Keep the body upright as if someone where lightly pulling on your left fingers as you descend.
* Do not allow the knee to under or overshoot the ankle, or stray inwards. Keep the right foot arch raised and even on the circumference of the heel.
* Keep your awareness deep in the body, feeling out any adjustment and counter balances. Keep the front body open and the heart calm.
* Deepen the outer hip joint on the left leg and lift the inner groin.
* Turn the head to the right.
* Breathe calmly scanning the body for tension. Change tension to presence.
* Stay for 10-30 breaths then come up with the in breath. Do not allow the knee to turn forwards until out turn the foot when you have fully ascended.
* Repeat on second side.

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