Parivritta Parsvakonasana

Revolved Side Angle Pose

* Step your feet about four feet apart (1.2m)
* Turn your left toes in right foot, leg, hips and trunk to the right lift the left heel and revolve on the ball opf the foot to bring the left hip further round extend the calcaneus tendon Achilles heel) and psoas (top inner thigh)in opposite directions and lift the front hips.

* Place your left thumb in the crease of the right thigh,between the thigh and pelvis, with the fingers turned outwards (away from the mid-line).
* Push down onto the top of the right thigh to both draw the thigh bone down and to pull the left trunk up and over.
* Revolve the left trunk forwards, up and over and bring your left elbow to the outer right thigh.
* Over a few breath cycles press down the thigh, lift the left trunk up and further round. Each time bringing more of the outer arm onto the outside of the thigh.
* Bring the two hands together, lowering the right onto the left, palm to palm in prayer, with the fingers pointing the same direction as the crown of the head.
* Breathe, openly and expressively. Continue to develop forwards extension of the left ribs simultaneously pulling back on the left leg to help create the stretch.
* Come up directly but without haste on an in breath.
* Repeat for side two.
DURATION: Stay for 5 to 15 breaths or about half a minute.


When we look at this piece of wood, we have a perception concerning this piece of wood. This piece of wood is itself, and we do not really know what it’s nature is. We just have an idea about this piece of wood, we only have an idea. Our perception of this piece of wood and this piece of wood itself, are very different from each other.

— Thich Nat Hahn