Tadasana / mountain pose

* Bring yourself to a standing position with you inner feet and legs together. Toes spread. Balls of the feet wide.
* Make sure your feet are level and that the front section of the inner feet are in contact.
* Stand upright with your arms by your side.

* Keep your head up and chest lifted.
* Let the brain soften and the eyes become peaceful.
* Let the nervous system expand and uncurl until sensitivity buzzes in the nerve tips throughout.
* Allow the breath to feel un-pressured so that it continues to inspire the uncurling of the nervous system.
* Sensitise your feet and feel for evenness in the weight between them.
* Where there is more weight on one foot than the other check that the hips do not sway away from lightest foot.
* Press the heel of the lightest foot down keeping the nerve tissue expansive.
* Lift the knee caps as you draw the heels down.
* Allow foot arches to rise.
* Draw thigh bones at the top back.
* Maintain a forward resistance from gluteal creases (where buttocks meet the thighs).
* Suck outer hips in.

* Pull up from the groins to the chest, sucking side ribs in as you ascend.
* Shoulders down arms back chest in.
* Keep the hips aligned with the ankles suck in front and back pelvis and side hips to a central core in the pelvis from where you lift.
* Keep the crown and the centre ankles in line.

if pregnant, sufferer from vertigo, low blood pressure, do not stand for more than 20-40 breath cycles, unless under supervision from experienced teacher.


Question: ‘I’m trying very hard in my practice but don’t seem to be getting anywhere.’

Answer: ‘This is very important. Don’t try to get anywhere in the practice. The very desire to be free or to be enlightened will be the desire that prevents your freedom.

— The Venerable Ajahn Chah