What should I wear to a class?

It is important to consider your clothing choice well when you are getting ready to come to your yoga class since the mind needs the freedom to draw inwards for successful practice and your clothing choices can support or undermine this intention. Because the weather in most countries is changeable, it’s good to make sure that you bring along some loose-fitting trousers, joggers or leggings and a long-sleeved t- shirt or a light fleece style top, no hood.

For reasons of comfort and so that the mind as far as possible is free to turn its attention inwards, the clothing should not have belts, poppers, straps in any position that may effect your comfort in any of the various asanas or poses, bearing in mind that these may be of a wide range. For similar reasons it should be noted that the clothing should be something that you feel comfortable and relaxed in and does not make you feel self-conscious.

Many of the asanas are best supported by bare legs and bare arms, for example bare legs in Vrksasana or bare arms in Bhujapidasana or Bakasna make a huge difference in terms of grip. Personal awareness and sensitivity increase by a significant amount when the skin is exposed to the air and bare skin aids student and teacher alike when visually checking alignment. So shorts, not too low in the leg, and a sleeveless top are perfect with a warmer top and joggers to slip on during quieter poses, pranayama and savasana if needs be.

The material should be light, breathable and flexible such as a cotton-Lycra mix or something similar and although the clothes should not be tight, over-loose clothing should also be avoided as they tend to hide alignment and can cover what should be exposed and expose what should be covered. Some of the clothes aimed at joggers are suitable and there are a great many companies making yoga clothing, some better than others.

Socks can be brought to wear in resting poses, mantra, pranayama, savasana but for the main again bare is best once more aiding grip sensitivity and awareness, although there may be certain foot conditions where you may want to keep your footwear on and there are yoga socks or socks with grip that will help if that is the case.

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