The root of yoga practice

Allow prana to flow by moving in as you let go (let the sun be guided by the moon). Note all release is natural; be with your experience but give it space. This is the root meaning of any yoga practice.

Be led in yes (sun) but surf the flow of natural release from the inside (moon). Everything is, by its nature, in a state of releasing as soon as its cause has passed (arising, passing) – this is what resistance is. As long as there is patience based on this knowledge, then you will be able to be in touch with this truth. Just as when a flower is only glanced at, it may seem to be in stasis, but when stayed with, one can watch it open and close, so be aware and ‘surf’ in.


On asteya…
‘Stealing is the outcome of neurotic craving. Neurotic craving is caused the sense of lack. The sense of lack is caused by delusion; misunderstanding the way life is, misunderstanding where real happiness is found.’

— Karunajala