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Yoga Days 2016

February 21st
Yoga Day 'Love, Awareness and the Person-less Knowing of Movement'.
21st - Beechwood Eco Hall Cooksbridge near Lewes East Sussex 10 - 4.30pm
This Workshop is an expansion of the shorter class version held at the Into the Wild Winter Warmer. 

This workshop with Senior Yoga Teacher and Yoga Teacher Trainer Jim Tarran will explore one of the central themes of Eastern philosophy in practice:

करणशक्तिः स्वतोऽनुभवात्॥३७॥
"Karaṇaśaktiḥ svato'nubhavāt"

The true power of performance comes from ones own direct experience (of the core of being) 
Translation C Wallis

This masterclass will centre around techniques and attitudes that drop ones personal 'noise floor' so that one can 'hear' the sound of silence (skt- nada) so often referred to in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. This silence emits a profound flow of Expressed Knowing which lies at the heart of truly intelligent (symbiotic) movement within recognisable modern postural yoga forms.

Includes, postures, meditation and pranayama.

Fun, joyful, absorbing enlightening workshop for all levels.

Costs - £55
(VS Yoga members concession £35)
10am - 4.30pm

 veggie lunch included 
-  to book contact Jim vajrasatiyoga@googlemail.com
May 15th
Early Summer Retreat

This is an Immersion into the cool and vibrant waters of practice and study. Immerse yourself for a full day into the practice of the yogic arts meditation, asana, pranayama, mantra. With inspiring readings interwoven and a delicious vegetarian lunch this mini-retreat will reset your energy levels and leave you inspired for weeks.

costs £60/£38 VSYmembers
Beechwood Eco Hall Cooksbridge near Lewes East Sussex 10 - 4.30pm
to book contact Jim vajrasatiyoga@googlemail.com

 September 10 and 11th

Two workshops with Tantrika Chris Wallis and Jim Tarran

A rare opportunity to deepen your understanding of the roots and meaning of Yoga with this world renowned expert. Chris's 2015 events where a sell out and were a real talking point in the Brighton area Yoga community

..... come to deepen what you learned last time or get a second chance to experience the profound wisdom of yoga from this scholar/practitioner who is at the cutting edge of research ino the real roots and practices of yoga.

Two Unique Workshops - with Sanskrit scholar, yogi, Indian philosophy expert and author of Tantra Illuminated Christopher Wallis (Hareesh) co-taught and hosted by Senior Yoga teacher Jim Tarran. 

Saturday 11.30am - 6.30pm at West Hill Hall - £60
Sunday 10am - 4.30pm at Barcombe Hall 'mini-retreat' includes lunch - £75

Don't miss this rare chance to really take you understanding of yoga to a deeper level - perfect for general yoga students, teacher trainees and yoga teachers and anyone who has an interest in Eastern orthopraxis.

Chris’ ability to foster a sense of kula through sharing, dialogue, mantra recitation and laughter that transformed what could have been only a class into true satsang. I look forward to continuing my studies with Chris for many years to come”

Join us for both workshops (can be signed off as CPD for teachers)

Saturday Meaning and Purpose of Yoga with Tantrika Chris Wallis and Jim Tarran

Sunday Theory to Practice - Mini Retreat with Chris Wallis and Jim Tarran

Christopher Wallis http://mattamayura.org/faculty/
Jim Tarran http://vajrasatiyoga.co.uk/

Call to text Jim on 07060 192 662 to book both events.
Bookings are deposit only £20 each event via bank transfer (details on request) please add reference C Wallis 2016.


CPD days for Vajrasati Yoga Teachers

Sunday 24th April graduates

Sunday Yoga School All teachers trainees CPD Day 20th November









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A brief life of Wisdom is better than a long life of stupidity.

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