Vajrasati News - September 2009


Vajrasati News September 2009
Hi Friends, it’s been a while since our last newsletter and an awful lot has happened and is happening. Most recently there have been five more graduations; Gavin Colhart, Jo Shaw, Shirley Smith, Rosie Waters and Jackie Coulson. They all worked incredibly hard to achieve this, and placed a strong emphasis on shared learning, with lots of extracurricular meetings and training sessions that they organised themselves. They have all been incredibly supportive of the course itself, offering suggestions and ideas that have been integrated into the course. This is a continued demonstration of how the school continues to grow through the yogic and general life experience of all of its members, keeping true to our conviction that the individual should never have to shrink to fit into the school, but the school instead should grow through listening and investigating, clarifying and refining the experiences of its members. This of course echoes the yogic principle of self reliance as highlighted in the Bhagvad Gita “Uddharet Atmana Atmanam”-‘ raise the self by the self’. It is the yogic principle of Svadyaya, or investigation, without which yoga practice cannot lead to Samadhi or full absorption. It is, after all, Svadyaya that triggers Pratyahara, or sense withdrawal, which is the turning point, the fork in the road, where the yogi’s mind starts to be picked up by a stream that eventually leads it into the nuanced richness of the life experience, and by so doing, transcends and dissolves the discomfort, irritations and painful feelings created through the illusion of duality.
Other exciting news this month is the launch of our new website, this has been re-built to combine some of our old ‘bloggish’ features with a more static site feel to make it more user friendly, for both simple functions like finding a class, to accessing our ever growing learning resources. We also have new graduates writings available under ‘thoughts and inspirations’.
We have, as usual, some great inspirations for you to reflect on this season, as well as a new article on the Nadis and Chakras.  We have a short twenty minute practice session that could just get your motors running before breakfast and work.
Our new calendar feature,  lets  you know when the next yoga days or half days are coming up and these are easy to find by looking for a pink or turquoise bar at the top, and the advanced level courses can be found by looking for a burgundy top bar (drop- ins all have a blue top bar).
We have a host of yoga breaks coming up including one at Jungle Yoga, which was described in a recent article in the times (09.08.09) as “the most beautiful place on the planet” by Danny Paradise. Then in February 2010, we’re off to Goa to the stunning Yoga Magic, we ran our first trip there this year and its relaxing atmosphere, beautiful gardens, fantastic food, inspiring accommodation and of course Goan sunshine, made us book the venue again almost as soon as we had landed back in the UK.  Each day between yoga sessions you‘ll be faced with the tough choice of a Goan market or another fresh juice by the pool. We then have a Moroccan beach break in Villa Mandala at the end of April that is already whipping up a lot of interest, which is not surprising as its swish accommodation with its own hammam, is right on the beach, and the yoga room on the roof can be opened up on one side to practice looking straight out to sea,. Add to that horse riding, surfing excursions and the Moroccan culture and you have all the makings of another amazing holiday. September’s break is TBC but we are looking at a Mediterranean break and are currently deciding between Turkish tree houses or a luxurious break in the Spanish Hills.
Thanks for your continued interest.
Warm regards Jim Tarran and the Vajrasati team.


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