Vajrasati Festive Break Newsletter


A big warm welcome to our festive break newsletter.

Many of our teachers take a break at this time of year which is a perfect opportunity for us as students to take a break too. This is a chance to investigate what we have been exploring with our teachers and decide in what ways we can assimilate, integrate and make a deeper personal connection with our yoga practice and how it relates in particular to our own lives.

We might want a bit of help with our practice so we have included a piece on meditation in two parts with something for you to read about meditation and a second piece on how to practice which includes detailed descriptions of how to practice perhaps the most well known of all, anapanasati or the mindfulness of breathing .

We also have a list of seasonal inspirations as well as a couple of reminders of things you might want to attend in the New Year.

We wish you a fantastic festive season and look forward to seeing you at one of our many classes, courses, half day and day events in the New Year, the times, teachers and venues all available on our timetable feature.

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