February Newsletter

Hi Folks and welcome to our February Newsletter,

Hope you are all well out there in yoga- land and enjoying being back in yoga classes and keeping warm with your friends.
February is a cold and often wet time in a lot of the northern bits of Europe, and whilst better further south we all experience colder conditions and shorter days in the northern hemisphere.
It’s also the month that hosts the Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day.
February then is a time of contemplation of preparation for the movement that is soon to start in nature, the growing time the time of new shoots, spring.
New Year can serve as a symbol that provides an opportunity to ‘assess and sow’ and Valentine’s Day can also serve as a time to reflect on the meaning of love, whether in the romantic sense or more generally.
We hope that you can make it to some of our upcoming events there is a yoga half day on valentines morning with Jim which is guaranteed to be inspired and lots of other events that can be easily found by looking at our calendar feature on the website.
We also have our inspirations section which always proves to be thought proving with a wide palette this month on the themes of love and rebirth
We have a practice session on postures to help us to let go and open up to love
And finally a short piece for you to read called the loving heart


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The Buddha reminds us of the right approach in his famous metaphor of the raft from the Majjhima Nikaya.

In it, he describes a situation, where a man standing on the near shore, which is dangerous, needs to get to the far shore, which is safe.

There are no bridges or ferries so he builds a raft; it is not fancy, but adequate to get him across. Once on that far shore it has served its purpose, and a wise man leaves it where it is, without dragging it with him as an encumbrance.

— Buddha