Vajrasati News June 2010


Hi all hoping you’re enjoying the onset of early summer (if you’re in the Northern hemisphere) and hope your enjoying life (both hemispheres).
In this newsletter we will have our old favourites including our inspirations our events listings and our session for you to try. We also have a piece on the right and left hemispheres of the brain and how they relate to your ability to understand instructions and to manifest subtle engagement in yoga (asana, pranayama, meditation).
Jim (founder) has recently returned from a fabulous Yoga break in Morocco which was another successful venture for Yoga Explorers.
Jim has always loved teaching yoga trips and has always had an eye for a certain type of venue for Yoga breaks. Over the past few years Jim has taught yoga breaks in dozens of locations and his favourite spots, though hugely varied on many levels, all have recognisable traits: all the locations have beauty as a central theme, some boast breath taking views, others are amidst beautiful gardens and some right on the beach. They all have a personal touch, which is an expression of their owner’s passion for hospitality and relaxation, so that you always feel like an old friend returning, They all manifest yogic values of sensitivity and care, this is done sometimes through a deep sense of reverence to the environment expressed through a host of ‘eco’ measures (solar showers, eco loos ect), or a deep respect and appreciation of the culture they’re in and the people around them.
Jim is now looking forward to teaching the company’s next trip to Dahab on Egypt’s Red Sea coast in September. Look out for this and other breaks on the Yoga Explorers website  which goes live this week!!!
Jackie has also returned from a successful yoga holiday in Turkey and Tabitha and Rosie are looking forward to teaching breaks in July and September respectively. Rosie and Tabitha’s trips can be found on the Vajrasati website
Leonie is now running Friday morning mother and baby yoga at the Anahata on Edward Street, Brighton,UK, for new parents and their babies. She is also available to teach mother and baby yoga to private groups at home, so if you have an NCT group or similar who would like to practise together, call for details on 0780 907 5602.
Lastly it’s worth noting that the school is on the cusp of a two year ‘roll out’ which will see our activities broaden out both in terms of whom, how and where we teach.
We hope you will notice the improvements as our school manifests increasing unity in diversity.
Jim and the Vajrasati Team


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Batter him, batter him, rip out the heart
Of our grasping for ego, our love for ourselves!
Trample him, trample him, dance on the head
Of this treacherous concept of selfish concern!
Tear out the heart of this self-centred butcher
Who slaughters our chance to gain final release!

— The Wheel of Sharp Weapons - The Mahayana Buddhist Text