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 Hi Yoga friends, a warm welcome to our September newsletter where you can enjoy:

Charlotte Watts writes on ‘How to go to a yoga class
Pieces on yoga
Practice session: a half hour session by Jim Tarran to give you energy for going back to work/school/uni or perhaps yoga teacher training!
Inspirations: A set of uplifting quotations to give you an angle on life where you are now
Jim is taking on the last set of yoga teacher trainees to be trained directly by him, before he sets up level two training  - whereby he will teach qualified yoga teachers to teacher train.  Vajrasati Yoga teacher training UK will be overseen by Jim (he will be involved in some aspects of the training hands
This year’s level 1 teacher training will commence in spring 2011. Applications will be accepted from 1st September 2010. Closing Date for applications is 31st December 2010.  Details of the application procedure can be found on the Vajrasati website
Yoga holidays
Jim is overjoyed to announce his third return to -
Yoga Magic in Goa , India  in February 2011 (13th - 23rd)
10 days includes luxurious, innovative, close to nature accommodation, all yoga, plus fabulous food
£795 (plus flight)
For more details visit
Upcoming events
Charlotte Watts course at BNHC starts 19th September-24th Oct
Yoga days with Jim: 31st Oct, 19th Dec. Half day:  17th Oct
For more details visit




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