Mother & Baby yoga, Brighton Natural Health Centre

Leonie Taylor
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Thursday 11:00am - Sunday 12:00pm

Mother and baby yoga

Yoga for new mums/dads with their babies (4-6 weeks - walking) to create a calm, centred and supportive space in which we can practise body and breath work.

Each class is tailored to suit the needs of the participants, using the tools of yoga to release physical and emotional tension, to strengthen the body, and to support new parents at this transformative time.

All levels welcome, all equipment and cups of tea provided.

£9.50 per class, bookable in blocks of 6 classes

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‘stira sukham asanam’; alertness that is comfortable and light is to be practised during posture.

He continues: ‘prayatna saithilya anata samapattibhyam’; the conclusion (the return to its essential form) of yoga is found when exertion has a relaxed, spacious quality.

The yogi’s mind then moves into an unbounded limitless relationship (with life and practice).
Concluding, he says: ‘tatah dvandvah anabighatah’; then duality no longer causes disturbance.

— Patanjali