Terms and conditions of the 500 hour Vajrasati Teacher Training Course

Terms and conditions of the Vajrasati Yoga Course

The Vajrasati course fees include;

  • Once weekly training sessions and homework setting/marking/feedback.
  • Once a term tutorial with course teacher and school mentors.
  • Special school members rates on workshops, days and half day training events.
  • Once a term - teaching a class assessment and feedback

The Vajrasti training course term fees do not include:

  • Travel costs
  • Materials: study books, stationary.
  • Yoga equipments: students can use equipment at training sessions but must supply their own equipment for home practice: mats, bolsters, blocks,belts, chairs.
  • Extra classes: days, half days, drop-in classes, workshops that are a requirement of the course
  • Additional sessions during the final term of the course (2 assessments and feedback, final assessment and written test and feedback) a small additional fee is required to cover this cost (at present £75 - 2013 fee)

The Vajasati school reserves the right to:

  • Refuse anyone graduation to anyone who has not adequately for-filled the terms of the Conditions of Graduation document
  • Expel anyone from the school but only under the guidelines of the Grievance Policy document

All missed sessions must be caught up with by the student either through meeting up with their fellow trainees to discuss what was missed or by booking extra private session with the course tutor if more than two sessions are missed in a term (additional fee applies for private catch up session with course tutor at reduced trainees rate).


Vajrasati Grievance procedure


How to facilitate the Vajrasati grievance procedure


If a complaint is made about a student verbally or in writing, the complaint should be dealt with in the following way:

If a written serious compliant is received regarding a teacher’s ability to teach safely or with professional conduct befitting a yoga teacher then the said student should be temporarily suspended* while the matter is investigated.

All correspondences between the investigator/s and the suspended teacher should be witnessed by one or more students of the school (cc them in on emails)

Where possible witness statements should be gathered from the teacher, the complainant and if possible one or more other participants present during one or more of the classes where the said ‘offence/s’ were committed.

Character references from within the school and students from classes should be gathered

Consideration should be made and if possible witness statements should be gathered regarding other incidence of a similar nature to that being alluded to by the complainant.

The investigator/s should use information gathered from the above sources and their own experience of the teacher being complained about to make an informed choice about how to proceed with the situation.

In the case of repeated incidence of a similar ‘offence’ the investigator should consider a ‘yellow card’ (a conditional warning with signed agreement from the student to indicate the teachers full awareness of the conditions that need to be complied with for their continued membership) or a red card (expulsion- with/without reapplication potential) which follows the breach of the conditions stipulated with yellow card or following a ‘strong offence’.

A ‘Yellow card’ may also be offered for a one off offence of suitable strength.


*Suspension – this is a ‘suspension’ from the right to teach using the Vajarasti name effectively a ‘suspension therefore from teaching’, until the matter is cleared up. 

As this may have serious consequences for the teacher the process of suspension should take no more than 2 weeks, and all parties should make maximum effort to facilitate this turn around.

It is suggested that the teacher seeks cover for this period from within the school and no explanation needs to be offered to the students of the teacher other than they are having a break. It is further suggested that the teacher offers a wage to the cover either a percentage of the takings or a fixed wage where the cover takes up to a certain fixed (from profits taken on the night i.e. after hall hire fees are covered) wage and no more.


Examples of Yellow card or conditional re admission

In the case of repeated incidence of a similar ‘offence’ the investigator should consider a ‘yellow card’

In the case of a one off incidence of sufficient gravity such as

Public slandering of the school or members therein

Teaching practices not condoned by the school (pranayamas other than; rechaka puraka,ujjayi,viloma,bhastrika,kapalabhati,anuloma,pratiloma,surya and Chandra bhenda,nadi sodhana and bhramari)

Teaching to a blatantly inappropriate level i.e. advanced pranayama to beginners. –

Teaching beyond the level of your qualification i.e. teaching advanced level courses, specialised workshops within less than a year of graduation.

.......................the investigator should consider a ‘yellow card’


Examples of Red card or expulsion with/without reapplication potential.

A red card follows the breach of the conditions stipulated with yellow card.

In the case of a one off incidence of sufficient gravity such as

1 Proven sexual harassment (in the case of a complaint by a student of being sexually harassed-with witness confirmation)

2 Classroom violence-including physical violence or verbal violence (in the case of a complaint of unsolicited gender, race, class, disability based insults pitched to hurt or humiliate-with witness confirmation)

3 Blatant un-remorseful disregard for the Vajrasati teaching principles.

 .......................the investigator should consider a ‘red card’

If the teacher does not agree to meet up to discuss the issue within 7 months from the first report of incident/s and the investigator has made repeated efforts to arrange such a meeting.


.......................the investigator should consider a ‘red card’






Like a Firmament

Like a firmament, devoid of edge or centre,
Meditate on vastness and infinity.
To understand the innate truth,
Unite skill and wisdom.

Like the sun and moon in all their glory,
Mediate clearly without darkness,
Knowing that all beings are your parents,
Love and show compassion to them.

— Milarepa