Zoe Gallagher - 500 hour certificate


Zoe first attended Jim Tarran’s classes in the mid 90’s and has enjoyed them often over the years in between periods of practicing Astanga Vinyasa yoga.  After having children she really made a connection with the Vajrasati yoga style and found it extremely beneficial; to help keep calm as a parent; as a form of exercise and it also significantly improved bouts of insomnia.  Zoe truly believes in the benefits of this style of yoga to aid mental, physical and emotional well-being and is very happy to be able to share this love of yoga with her students.  Her classes are meditative, breath-centred with a focus on fun and flow.

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You shouldn’t chase after the past or place expectations on the future.
What is past is left behind.
The future is as yet unreached.
Whatever quality is present you clearly see right there, right there.
Not taken in, unshaken, that’s how you develop the heart.
Ardently doing what should be done today, for — who knows? — tomorrow death.
There is no bargaining with Mortality & his mighty horde.
Whoever lives thus ardently, relentlessly both day & night, has truly had an auspicious day: so says the Peaceful Sage.

— The Buddha