Sarah Palithorce - 500 hour certificate


I started practicing hatha and asthanga vinyasa yoga in 2006 whilst living in Guatemala. On my return to Brighton I eventually found Vajrasati and  was hooked, the playfulness and self exploration ecouraged in the practice along with attention to subtle details meant that  I began to discover a deeper  more holistic practice which lead me onto the teacher training  pragramme.  My belief in the value of community and shared learing is mirrored in the course and is reflected my  style of teaching 

At present I am teaching one to one and small groups as well as being part of Brighton Natural Health Centres outreach project teaching free yoga classes to migrant women.  I believe tha yoga should be aaccesible to everyone and hope to continue to work with all people in the community.

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‘All things are naturally like space. Space itself has no characteristics. It neither exists by nature, nor is it non existent. It transcends dualistic thought.’

— Milarepa