The Ki Centre, 12 Queen Square, Brighton BN1 3FD

Sue Bradley
Date and Time Information: 
Thursday 5:45pm - 6:55pm

Thursdays 6.00-7.00pm Ki Centre, 12 Queen Square Brighton BN1 3FD
(near the Clocktower, opposite Churchill Square)
Experience the delights of yoga on the Ki centre’s lovely padded crash mats with Sue – easy on the knees and very freeing as you can roll or step off your mat – and you’re still on a mat! You can contact Sue for details on and see 

A class pass costs £40 for 5 sessions (which you don’t have to use consecutively) or £9 drop-in. 


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Both practice and non reaction are required to still the patterning of consciousness. Then pure awareness can abide in its very nature. Otherwise, awareness takes itself to be the patterning of consciousness.

— From Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras