On the five yamas and resitance…
‘All five yamas play their part (in working with resistance) so, with satya, truthfulness, we are accepting that we have resistance, we are not in denial, and we are also accepting the calmness beneath the surface. Asteya; we are not stealing, so we are not trying to steal that we don’t feel when we have resistance, we are allowing calmness to come to us. Brahamacharya; as focus and commitment to being with and working with our resistance. And of course Aparigraha, freedom from hoarding, combined with Ahimsa so that we are not holding onto our resistance we can let it go.’

— Khadine Morcom

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Question: ‘I’m trying very hard in my practice but don’t seem to be getting anywhere.’

Answer: ‘This is very important. Don’t try to get anywhere in the practice. The very desire to be free or to be enlightened will be the desire that prevents your freedom.

— The Venerable Ajahn Chah