Frances Hubbard 200 hours en-route to 500


I have been practicing yoga on and off since I was a teenager, trying out many different schools and styles over the years. I came to Jim’s classes and Vajrasati yoga when I moved to Brighton in 2000, and knew instinctively that I had found my “home” in the yoga world. Classes are never simply the postures, and doors are constantly being open to new things to explore. 


Although I still enjoy experiencing other schools, teachers, and styles, it is from a strong foundation and implicit trust in Vajrasati’s integration of philosophy and practice. Always bringing yoga back to its roots: a non-violent, non-competitive, honest, and integrating investigation and dance.


Regular classes helped get me through an intense and extended period of study, bringing me back into my body and to what really matters. Strengthening my desire and resolve to embark upon the teacher training, if only to be a better guide and teacher to myself.



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A leaf for hand in hand!
You natural persons old and young!
You on the Mississippi, and on all the branches and bayous of the

You friendly boatmen and mechanics! You roughs!
You twain! And all processions moving along the streets!
I wish to infuse myself among you till I see it common for you to
walk hand in hand!

— Walt Whitman