UMEspace women's yoga, Phoenix Community Centre, Brighton

Leonie Taylor
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Friday 1:00pm - 2:00pm

 A restorative pause in the day to playfully reconnect body, mind and breath. A centred space for women (including pregnant and post natal) to unwind, arrive and cultivate self awareness and compassion.


Vajrasati Yoga encourages non violence (ahimasa), honesty (satya), investigation (svadyaya) as well as using a sense of trust (ishvara pranidhana), or letting go, to find a deeper intuitive connection (yoga) to what we do.

The classes integrate movement, breath, philosophy and humour in a way that leaves you feeling lighter, refreshed and revitalised.

These classes are accessible and adaptive, whether you are an interested beginner or experienced yogi, whether you are young or old, flexible or stiff…

Cost: £8/£7 concessions drop in, £70/£60 for 10 classes

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There really is no loss. There is no linear journey. People talk about a spiritual path, but I like the Buddhist approach, that you've always been encouraged to question everything, to take nothing for granted

— David Sylvian