Owen Bailey 200 hour certificate en-route to 500

I was considering  doing further  teacher training in India last year
When I was invited to a Vajarasiti class  in Brighton  by a friend.
The whole class  left me feeling that I had found something …
A practice that was explorative, that went beyond the asanas, a practice that  weaved  yogic philosophy with light heartedness, and also encouraged listening,  trusting  and the truth of this moment …
I left feeling that something had changed, opened and inviting me, softly, like an invitation home. 
Yoga allows me to breathe with an awareness  expanding  my trust and confidence to keep common back to stillness its this that I want to share with my students. 


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‘When I say “extinguish yourself” or “throw yourself away” or “let yourself fall way” or ‘”kill yourself” this is the same as “live in a bigger way” or “become one with all things”‘

‘Dying the great death the reality of life appears’

— Harada Sekkei Roshi