The Healthy Living Company, 96 Northease Drive, Hangleton BN3 8LH

Jo Shaw
Date and Time Information: 
Friday 11:00am - 12:15pm

This is a Supported Yoga Class running in 6 week blocks (coinciding with the school half terms).  This class is for people who may not be confident to attend a general drop-in class due to an injury or an on-going condition.  In the class props are used to support students to come in and out of poses.  All students need to pre-book and need to have met with Jo before attending. 

Jo's classes have a meditative approach and movement within the class ranges from dynamic to restorative.  With an emphasis on using the breath to achieve release, students approach each pose at their own pace.

Held in a lovely studio space with free parking in the surrounding roads.

£12 drop in
6 classes for £60

Online booking available on 01273 526461 at

96 Northease Drive


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In this, oh sweet life:
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— Bob Marley