‘Unhappiness is not getting what we want: wanting it to be sunny when it’s cold, wet and rainy; people doing things that we don’t approve of having food that isn’t delicious and so on. Happiness is not the goal of life because it depends on so many things…

Notice how often there is sorrow at having to separate from something we like or someone we love or having to leave a place you really like to be in… We’re not saying that we shouldn’t feel sorrow when we separate from someone we love; it’s natural to feel that way, isn’t it? But now as mediators, we’re beginning to witness sorrow so that we understand it, rather than trying to suppress it, pretend it’s something more than it is or neglect it.’

— The Venerable Ajhan Summedho


There really is no loss. There is no linear journey. People talk about a spiritual path, but I like the Buddhist approach, that you've always been encouraged to question everything, to take nothing for granted

— David Sylvian