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''Jo is the longest standing member of the Vajrasati school and her dedication to it and to her yoga have recently made her the school's first graduation to Senior Teacher level. Her ability in yoga and her skill in running classes and workshops and her care and consideration for the health of the school all reflect what a kind and clear person she is'' Jim Tarran


Charlotte Watts

“I just wanted to write to say how fantastic I thought the workshop was.  The three hours flew by and after the class my back was the least uncomfortable it has been in months.  I also felt incredibly comfortable with your style of teaching.”  - Lara, Brighton

''Charlotte is a sympathetic teacher who clearly knows Vajrasati yoga backwards and who has a gift for passing on as much of her experience as her pupils can manage. She is patient, intelligent, clear-sighted and dedicated to her subject'' Alison Smith, London


Khadine Morcom

"Khadine, you certainly have a special gift, some people learn yoga and teach it, for you however, it comes from within, your passion and knowledge radiates out from you and warmly touches those that you teach" - Aideen, Hove.


Leonie Taylor

 "Thank you for your lovely post-natal classes, you’re a fantastic teacher and your classes were such an oasis of calm and nurturing at a time when I was feeling so hormonal tired and vulnerable.’" Victoria 

 "I do not even know how to find the adequate words to describe one-to-one yoga with Leonie" Alex Hughes 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Jackie Jackie Coulson

"Hi Jackie - yesterday was the one year anniversary of me joining your yoga class! I have to tell you it has been the most amazing positive experience for me out of anything in my life last year and is definitely the highlight of my week. I feel healthier in the core of my being." Jack, Brighton 

Rosie Waters

 ''Rosie is quite simply a wonderful Yoga teacher. Before I had a stroke last year I had 15 years of experience at Yoga and had achieved a reasonable level of practice.. Since my stroke Rosie has gently helped me regain my confidence, strength, mobility and balance. Her style of teaching is very calm & gentle and I always leave the class with a lovely glowing energy no matter how rough I was feeling when I started'' Rob, Seaford.


''She creates a light playful atmosphere in classes and attends to each of us skillfully. Somehow Rosie manages to both provide the clarity and gentleness needed for beginners, whilst never patronsing and always challenging us to keep progressing at our own pace. We laugh a lot and improve at the same time! I always feel really welcome and encouraged and would highly recommend Rosie to anyone.'' Emily


Sue Bradley

"I can thoroughly recommend Sue Bradley's yoga class. Sue has been teaching a weekly session for myself and two friends in my home for the past four months. It is sorting out a couple of long standing back problems brought on by sports injury. My shoulders are more relaxed, I walk more evenly,stand taller and no longer feel any pain or stiffness after long periods spent in one physical position. The sessions are relaxed and friendly as well as invigorating". Ross Gurney-Randall

Fiona Ring

"Fiona takes a yoga session for freediving where the emphasis is on relaxation, stretching and breathing techniques. She caters for all abilities and adapts the exercises to suit everyone's needs. One of the great things about Fiona's teaching style is that she uses imagery to help you get into the pose and explains here you should be feeling the stretch so you know you're doing it right. Fiona's class really gets me in the rights mindset for freediving and I notice a difference in my ability if I do her session before getting into the water" Angela Harvey                             

"Fi is incredibly welcoming and makes sessions a real pleasure whatever your experience or ability. She tailors exercises and sequences to match what you are trying to achieve and really thinks bout each person in the room. Every session lifts your spirits and leaves you feeling positive and relaxed." Gill Attrill      

 200 Hour Teachers - training towards 500

Ocean Isaro     

  " I write for a living and sit at a keyboard for up to 12 hours a day - awful for my back. And I'm 48 so there's that added stress. I have done yoga on and off for 25 years but seeing Ocean with one-to-one sessions has allowed me to stretch deeper and longer than ever before. She is the most helpful and insightful yoga teacher I have ever had. " P.D. Viner                                                                                             














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