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Thank you for your interest in Vajrasati Yoga Teacher Training (500 hours YAP TT +).

We are a growing community of teachers focused on exploration into yoga based on fresh understanding of traditional yogic values, the astanga path, traditional hatha yoga, as well taking inspiration from the Buddhist tradition.

The training is comprehensive and supportive with a firm grounding in yoga practice, as the means to explore yoga philosophy.  The training is focused within a small group of no more than ten trainees in a year group, and the two year course is run as a roll on roll of, so that there will be first year and second year students training together at any one time.

There are eight ten week blocks with assessments at the end of each. The last term of the training (term eight) will include two individual assessments and one group one, as well as a written test. There are homework’s set each term that will take a couple of hours each week on average.

Practical requirements
As well as the training sessions, trainees will be expected to come to at least one taught class a week taught by the trainer and as many workshops and events as possible (as we want you to leave the training course with the maximum experience and education possible, and it is important that students don't miss out on this opportunity, where financial difficulties prevent a student from attending these events financial assistance/discounts may be agreed with the course tutor. Each case will be evaluated individually) .


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Vajrasati yoga is committed to creating a respected school of dedicated practitioners and an on-going supportive community for all graduates from the school. Because places are limited each year it may sometimes be necessary to turn down a strong candidate. It is hoped that these candidates will re-apply the following year and in doing so will demonstrate a commitment that will stand them in good stead for their application.

Good luck and warm wishes

Jim Tarran

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