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The axis on which Vajrasati spins is people power.

 All teachers, trainees and students of Vajrasati Yoga are trusted and encouraged to make their own honest exploration into yoga, it's practice and it's implications.

Just as a mountaineer makes their own journey up a mountain, that journey will be original and demand the highest degree of creativity.


Vajrasati Yoga (VS Yoga) most often takes the form of a straightforward Modern Postural Yoga class i.e. body work.

Interwoven into the fabric of the MPY asanas is the spirit of the yoga movement as it has come down to us through its various influences such as Tantra, Raja, Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism. 

This is done through the tone of the relationship we have with the practice and through the central premise embodied in the word yoga itself; that the isolation of breath, body, mind, heart, energy is simply a convention which covers a more obvious truth that each of these elements are inseparable parts of one whole experience that has at its heart freedom, joy, wisdom, and bliss. 

We encourage non-violence (ahimasa), honesty (satya), investigation (svadyaya) as well as using a sense of trust (ishvara pranidhana), or letting go, to find a deeper intuitive connection (yoga) to what we do. 

The classes integrate movement, breath, philosophy and humour in a way that leaves you feeling lighter, refreshed and revitalised.

Vajrasati Yoga was founded by Jim Tarran in 2000 and is a Yoga Alliance Professionals Teacher Training Plus 500 RYS course which is the highest accreditation available for a teacher training course. In truth the course outstrips even the new high standards required by teacher training plus accrediation with over 1000 hours of training between the contact and non-contact aspects of the course. 

Dr Gavin Colhart

"I feel privileged to have undertaken the Vajrasati teacher training with Jim and my amazing co-students. The training stands out in its rigorous attention to the embodied and anatomical details of yoga while remaining engaged with an exploration and investigation of the totality of the experience, philosophy and meaning within which they are embedded. Having been involved in yoga now for almost 20 years I can honestly say that the training has been my most significant yoga experience and has provided a fantastic basis for my ongoing learning, teaching and practice. If you work hard and get from the training all that Jim has to offer you will have received a true gift". 





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There is something formless yet complete
That existed before Heaven and Earth.
How still how empty!
Dependent on nothing unchanging,
All pervading, unfailing.
One may think of it as the Mother of all things under heaven.
I do not know it’s name but I call it “meaning.”
If I had to give it a name I should call it “The Great.”

— La-tzu